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Hi friend, just a preview of our workplace.

This is where we churn out the models.

Sometimes we eat and sleep here.

It can be a hive of activity at times. 

At others it is so peaceful we crank up the music.

A small place for reception, just to be receptive.

A small office space for the necessity.

A main workshop for the inevitable.

A design studio for the young and trendy.

A spray room to keep away the dust.

A store room to put away the eyesore.


entrance.JPG (62163 bytes)office 1.JPG (70794 bytes)DSCF0005.JPG (49364 bytes)

Entrance               Office         OT Room(old technology)               IT Room                       3d Printer

workshop2.JPG (73074 bytes)workshop area 1.JPG (60596 bytes)

   Main Workshop                           Machine Room                        Laser Cutter                       Router

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